Bella Astillah is currently counting down the days to the birth of her baby girl this week. The local celeb is expected to deliver this 17th July (Friday).

Unfortunately, she will be entering the maternity ward alone without her husband, Aliff Aziz, by her side. This is because the border gate between Singapore (the latter’s home country) and Malaysia is close.

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Accepting the fate, the “Tenang” singer said what matters the most is that the birth process will go smoothly. Speaking about Aliff, Bella shared that despite the family not seeing each other for months, he hasn’t forgotten his responsibilities.


“Aliff often reaches out to me and our son Ayden Adrean to say hi, without fail. Besides, I have my parents and siblings around. So, I won’t be lonely although I have to go through pregnancy and childbirth process without my husband by my side,” Bella told BH Online.

She added, “My focus at the moment is just to ensure that the delivery process goes smooth without a glitch. After all, I’m an adult. There’s no time to think about those things too much. Instead, I will just remain calm and patient with everything that happens.”

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Additionally, Bella also said that she had never complained about the government’s decision for the border gate to remain closed. “I will just follow suit in any case, if the border gate reopens, I’ll be happy with that. I believe the government’s ruling was done for the better, so there’s no need for me to be salty about it,” Bella was quoted as saying.

The Sabahan beauty also shared that despite being distant from her partner, both of them still keep in touch with each other. “Even though we are living far apart, that doesn’t mean that Aliff neglects his role as the head of the family. We communicate everyday through voice and video calls. He has been taking good care of me as well as the baby,” emphasised Bella.

In related news, Bella recently exposed the identity of a keyboard warrior who left insulting remarks towards her pregnant body shape on her Instagram story. The Instagram user Sarah Nomad (@sarahstoria) commented, “You’re fat like a pig. Hahahahaha,” in response to one of her social media updates.

Bella’s reaction was priceless! Instead of lashing out, she responded with grace by writing, “Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God),” along with a screenshot of the troll’s comment online. Sarah Nomad’s Instagram account is currently set to private.

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Say it louder for the people in the back, sis!


Source: BH Online.

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