A Malaysian girl, Aina Farisya recently took to her Twitter @ainerss to express concern after two of her mother’s plastic containers, used to bake pizza, ended up melting inside the oven.

The incident also caught Dato’ Fazley Yaakob‘s attention. The chef-celebrity responded to her tweet by writing, “Give me your address. I’ll buy you two sets of pizza baking trays. Tell your mom I’ll help replace okay?”

Source: @fazleyyaakob

However, the “Asmara Ini” singer’s pure intention in helping out Aina was met with a negative remark from a fellow Twitter user S.M Iqmal (@Iqmal_Tetsu). The keyboard warrior commented, “Don’t support stupid people, Dato’. Or else their foolishness will become contagious,” much to Fazley’s disappointment.


The public figure had the perfect response. According to him, “She is not stupid. She just made a mistake. It’s better to have nice thoughts rather than calling others stupid, right?” Seemingly taken aback by Fazley’s savage reply, Iqmal then set his Twitter to private mode.

Fazley took to Instagram to share with his followers about the incident, advising them to always be kind to others. “Sometimes Twitter is entertaining, and at times it can be annoying as well. Regardless, it’s better for us to have a positive mindset, rather than putting out negativity. Our souls will be calmer, and you’ll have less headache right?” wrote the “MasterChef Selebriti” winner.

Source: Instagram

In light of her tweet blowing up, Aina has also set her account to private mode at the time of writing (Friday, 10th July).

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