Sharifah Sakinah received massive criticism from the internet community after she posted a photo of her wearing a revealing gown that showed off her assets a few weeks ago.

In an interview with Astro Gempak’s programme called “Lancaang Bethol”, the local celeb touched on the issue regarding the controversial Instagram post.


During the session, she questioned why people have to be so nosy about other’s private matters. Enraged with the fact this often happens, she then stated that internet trolls should just unfollow her on Instagram if they’re so triggered by her posts online.

Responding to netizens’ negative comments surrounding her boobs size. Sakinah said, “I’ve read some of the comments where some said I have a flat chest. Actually, it is wrong for people to body shame others. It’s also bad that it’s too revealing, right? But at least (my boobs) are bigger than your brains.” 

Source: @sharifah_sakinah

She further admitted her mistake for uploading the racy photo, though she refused to delete it following the massive backlash. “Don’t you guys know that I’m an attention seeker?” Sakinah quipped, before adding, “But I can’t straighten things up. I knew I was at fault but I didn’t fight it. I didn’t go around and say things like ‘No! This is my life’ or ‘It’s between me and God’. I never said any of that.”

The “Tiga Dara Pingitan” actress concluded, “I feel that it’s better to just apologise. The door of repentance is still open and I kindly ask everyone to always pray for me to be a better person.”

Watch the full video here in case you’re interested:

Source: Gempak.

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