In her recent update on Instagram over the weekend, Safiey Ilias spoke up about her experience suffering from depression and bipolar disorder.

The famed queer figure also expressed her gratitude towards her parents who were always there for her during the tough times.

Source: Instagram

The “Apa Salah Syinta” singer opened, “I love you mom and dad. Hopefully both of you will always be healthy and be showered with Allah’s blessings. Thank you for always being there during my hard and good times. I was suffering from depression and has been battling bipolar disorder. My parents were the one who sent me here and there to seek for medical help.” 


Safiey further added that her life has gone awry over the past six months. “I experienced mood swings several times. I became a totally different person; anti social and afraid of seeing people. I didn’t even feel like participating in any public activities. I struggled in search of my old self, to find my past happiness,” wrote the business entrepreneur.

Source: Instagram

“Back then, my life was filled with tons of problems, burdens and betrayal. My parents have been praying almost everyday that I can recover soon so that I can resume my business,” she continued in the post. Surprisingly, it was revealed that Safiey has become a victim of black magic, which resulted to her poor health condition.

Instead of succumbing to her unfortunate setback, the 26-year-old assured everyone that she is getting better, thanks to her mom and dad’s undying support. “Be patient, the rainbow will come after the rain falls, and not just expecting for Azrael (the Angel of Death) to come and knock the doors. I will rise to get my business back on track,” clapping back at those who were wishing for the controversial figure to die.

For those interested, read her full heartfelt write-up here:

We wish you a speedy recovery, Safiey! Stay strong. ❤️

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