The implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) has led to several major changes in our country. This includes the closure of education facilities.

To cope up with that, most educators have used the online learning system to connect with their students. Unfortunately, it is sad to know that there are some who refused to give their full cooperation when it comes to completing their assignments.

The case was apparent for Twitter user Anne (@Ms4nne_)’s mother, who works as a teacher. Recently, Anne took to social media to vent our her frustration towards her mom’s students. “My mum sent homework to the WhatsApp group with her students in it. But, they just casually left the chatroom,” Anne wrote.

In the photos shared by Anne in the tweet, the teacher was seen explaining an assignment that the students had to complete. Without even bothering to respond, a number of students exited the WhatsApp chatroom. A few moments later, the teacher then asked the remaining students for the progress on their tasks.

Source: Twitter

After her mother informed the students that they’ll need to hand in the task once schools re-opened, even the last student in the WhatsApp group left the chat – much to her dismay. Seemingly disappointed, Anne added in another thread, “I really wanted to cry when my mother asked me why her students were not giving any responses. When I checked, they had all left!” 

The tweet has managed to catch the attention of local netizens, with most of them leaving uplifting remarks in an attempt to cheer her mother up. Not only that, the students were also slammed for their ill-mannered attitude towards their teacher.

What would be your reaction if you were at Anne or in her mum’s place?

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