The controversial remarks by Samantha Katie James have infuriated many and people aren’t turning a blind eye. Even Henry Golding is calling the former Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 out on her ignorance.

In a series of Instagram Stories, the Malaysian-born actor wrote that he couldn’t “keep a cool head” in the midst of ongoing protests in the United States, which were triggered by the murder of African-American George Floyd.

Source: IG

You have zero idea what black people have to go through on a day-to-day basis. For you to be talking such racist nonsense on a platform like yours needs to be called out,” Henry stated.


He continued, “The majority of us will never truly be able to understand what the black community go through every single day, but one thing for sure you can do is to lend a voice. To teach people and educate them on opening their eyes to what’s under the veil. It is hundreds of years of oppression and injustices kept in place by money and power from people such as yourself. Ignorant, selfish people.”

Henry Golding
Source: IG
Henry Golding
Source: IG

The “Crazy Rich Asians” actor also brought up the fact that Malaysia, too, had gone through a ton in recent years in experience social injustice. The Bersih rallies is one such example.

If you were part of that movement, then please understand where the (protests) come from. We need to keep progressing Malaysia forward, by starting with ourselves,” Henry said.

To quote another homegrown international star, here’s what Yuna shared:

Source: Henry Golding’s IG.

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