Bella Astillah has often been bombarded with questions regarding her current relationship status with her ex-husband Aliff Aziz after she shockingly revealed that they have already reconciled.

Speaking to BH Online Bella said that Aliff will break his own silence regarding the matter when he’s comfortable. She also revealed that Aliff is currently busy doing charity work.

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“Aliff has been serving at a Muslim community centre in Singapore for 3 months now. As a wife, I’m glad seeing that he is eager to change for the better. Aliff is involved in charity work – distributing essentials for those in need,” revealed Bella during the chat.


“In my case, I will admit my own fault that I often share too many personal matters online. I was too angry at the time,” the “Cinta Belum Tamat Tempoh” star acknowledged her own errors, before adding, “I’m also a normal human being. I wanted to share my frustration with my followers. But I believe that whatever had happened will make me a wiser person.”

Bella also shared that she’s a little disappointed of not being able to return to her hometown for Hari Raya due to the cross-country ban by the government. The “Tenang” singer said, “Usually, I will celebrate the festive season at Aliff’s hometown in Singapore as well as with my family in Sabah. However, this year, me and my son only celebrated it at my residence in Kuala Lumpur.” 

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Scrolling through the controversial artiste’s Instagram feeds, it looks like Aliff has deleted all his previous posts on social media. It’s safe to assume that Aliff is indeed working hard in an attempt to fix his past mistakes.

All the best for the couple. 😉

Source: BH Online.

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