Looks like we need to recheck the ‘beauty and brains’ narrative. Samantha Katie James, known as the former Miss Universe Malaysia 2017, took to her Instagram account with over 160k followers to voice out her thoughts concerning the #BlackLivesMatter movement in the United States of America.

The problem with that? Her complete ignorance and lack of understanding of the said issue. Below are screenshots taken directly from her Instagram story.

Miss Universe Malaysia


Instead of spreading awareness, sharing donation links, or just posting her support in general; the influencer decided to preach a truly disturbing standpoint on the issue. She specifically pointed out that people are ‘chosen’ to be born the races they are, and therefore have a ‘lesson’ to learn from it. Her comments are not only severely racist but also imply that being born of black ethnicity is a punishment that people need to accept and live with.

Screenshots of her Instagram story went viral on Twitter almost immediately. After all, the influencer had just told the affected families of George Floyd and many others to just ‘take it as a challenge’ despite the fact that they are being subjected to serious police brutality and even death.

The most curious thing, however, was when one of her followers asked for clarification on what she meant.

Miss Universe Malaysia

From the post above, which Samantha proudly displays on her Instagram account, it goes to show how deluded with privilege the influencer is. Her thoughts and opinions are stemmed from a place of privilege, one where a person is so shielded from the world that they cannot even begin to understand the concept of oppression.

Of course, Samantha could easily open her Twitter account or even go on Instagram to see the numerous videos being uploaded every few minutes to show how serious the situation has escalated to – but that would require actually having a conscience.

Residents of Twitterjaya did not let the issue rest, and rightfully so.

Her actions today should make us Malaysians truly question who is it that we are allowing to have access to such a huge platform and be representing our country. It is one thing to not be educated on issues but being ignorant is purely a choice.

Samantha’s actions prove that ignorance is something that we cannot escape but the question is: what now? Will there be consequences for her statements on the issue or will it be swept under the rug as it holds no real threat towards our country? Is this the side of history we want to be on?

Learn more about the #BLM and how you can help at https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co

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