Out of all the YouTube videos by Night Owl Cinematics (NOC), today (Sunday, 31st May)’s release is easily the most emotional video by Ryan Tan and Sylvia Chan.

For months, fans have been speculating about Ryan and Sylvia’s marriage from the subtle hints they unintentionally dropped. If you’ve been following them religiously, you may have picked up on these hints:

1. Ryan’s Instagram post in February

The cryptic quote 3 months ago suggested that something had ended. Many followers were stunned by the emotional caption and asked if they had already divorced.

2. Ryan confessing on Jian Hao’s podcast that he was suicidal back in December

On 31st March, Jian Hao released an almost 2-hour podcast video with Ryan Tan. Things got dark when the NOC co-founder confessed that he was in depression late last year and wanted to end his life. In an emotional confession, Aiken Chia told Ryan that he would quit the YouTube scene if Ryan committed suicide.

3. The Thirsty Sisters

Since “The Thirsty Sisters” debuted last month, Sylvia has also stated that she’s been living alone. When she was recently admitted to hospital, many were also curious on why her first person to contact was Nina instead of Ryan.

This brings us to the moment we weren’t ready for…


4. The reveal

In their heartbreaking 44-minute video, Ryan and Sylvia confessed that they had actually divorced in March. The former flames clarified that there’s no bad blood between them and the break up wasn’t caused any one huge triggering point. Ultimately, their marriage took a backseat in favour of their business.

5. The NOC family’s responses 

Rest assured that NOC will remain the same and we look forward to more awesome content 😉

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