A female influencer caused a major commotion among the internet community recently for asking her followers to donate duit raya to her.

One Twitter user known as Cas. (@mrlucaz) commented, “Proven that e-beggers have it easier when they’re girls. They’ll just name it ‘duit raya’, so that useless men will flock to transfer RM10. Hahaha stupidity.”

Source: Twitter via WOB

In response, a lot of netizens took to the replies section to bash both the Malaysian chick as well as the list of men who were generous enough to channel their money just to get to know her. Additionally, some even tried their luck by leaving their bank details, hoping that someone will donate some cash to them.

One particular comment that caught our attention wrote,“R.I.P to all the men who banked in to her only to end up getting ignored 😂”, clapping back at the lineup of Kasha’s so-called “secret admirers”. For those interested, check out some of the replies left by local netizens here:


Following the massive backlash, the social media starlet ended up removing all posts regarding the duit raya donations. Her Twitter is still active, though.

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