Pos Malaysia is finally shedding some light on the recent issue surrounding the company during an exclusive interview with Gempak.

This came after the viral story of a mailman who tearfully revealed his disappointment after finding out that there will be no bonus this year. His shocking revelation has in turn sparked massive outrage among local netizens.

According to Pos Malaysia’s spokesperson, “The Covid-19 pandemic has become a global issue that has disrupted the entire supply chain. This has severely affected a number of businesses around the globe – Malaysia is no exception for this case. Due to the large number of parcels received, a lot of shipping services has been impacted as well.”

He added, “However, Pos Malaysia has continued its effort to protect up to 15,000 frontline workers across the country. At a time where a lot of sectors have made drastic decisions to cut wages and also fire their workers, Pos Laju is still surviving to ensure the future of all the staffs.”

Pos Malaysia
Source: MMO

Additionally, Pos Malaysia is currently undergoing the process of transforming its business. “If the plan goes smoothly and the situation improves, we will ensure better credit for the workers,” the rep said, before concluding, “We’re very thankful for our staffs’ hard work in making sure that all deliveries and services are carried out, despite the slight interruption.” 

What are your thoughts on Pos Laju’s response?

Source: Gempak.

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