Ever since the movement control order (MCO) started on 18th March, many people have been shopping online. This is evident with the high demand from customers resulting in over thousands of parcels delivered daily!

With the increase of workload, Pos Malaysia staffs having been performing to the best of their ability in trying to please customers. Sadly, it is believed that they will not receive any bonus for their hard work this year. Twitter user Aisyah Humairah addressed the issue on her account yesterday.

In her post, Aisyah noticed that her mailman looked rather sad and was sitting under the rain in a defeated manner. Initially, she assumed he had just broken up with his lover and was heartbroken. But the postman eventually spilled that it was because he won’t be receiving any bonus this year.

The postman also told Aisyah that this bad news was especially hard to swallow as compared to the RM1000 bonus he received last Raya. Not only that, he also has to provide support for his family members since his father passed away 3 years ago, in addition to the motorcycle debt, house rent, and more.

Disappointed, Aisyah argued that it’s not fair for Pos Malaysia to treat their parcel carriers this way by using the Covid-19 as an excuse. She also pointed out that the shipping company has earned significant profit especially during these past few months. To quote the Twitter user, “They should be receiving more bonus than last year.”  


Aisyah concluded by pleading to the company and the government to help our fellow postmen.

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