Ex-Wonder Girls member Hyerim (혜림) recently shared with her fans photos of her wedding dress, alongside her beloved fiancé Shin Min Chul (신민철) on Instagram.

Interestingly, a team of Shin Min Chul’s Taekwondo colleagues was also seen in the pictures as well! The group was pictured striking their “Popeye arm”-styled pose. She also accompanied the post with the caption, “Team Mirme!!!”

Apart from congratulatory messages left by her followers, the couple also received positive remarks for the lovebirds’ unique and down-to-earth concept of their wedding pictures. For those who don’t know, Koreans are usually accustomed to splurge for their wedding photoshoot.

Some of the highlighted comments include:

  • “This is hip”.
  • “This is better than those cringy wedding company photos. I like this a lot better and probably this will last in their memories for a long time.”
  • “Hyerim’s face is so small…”
  • “The coolest wedding dress I’ve ever seen!”
  • “The soccer socks really compliment the outfit.”
Source: NYLON

In case y’all missed it, the “2 Different Tears” singer and her Taekwondo athlete fiancé are set to hold their wedding ceremony on 5th July.

Source: Allkpop.

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