Alicia Amin recently called Vivy Yusof out again in regards to “The Artsy dUCk” controversy.

As previously mentioned, The dUCk Group founder has publicly denied plagiarising Sleepyllama (real name Nia Atasha Rosli)’s campaign collection from 2 years back. But the outspoken model wasn’t having any of it.

Source: Instagram

After urging fellow models in the industry to boycott Vivy and The dUCk Group, Alicia put Vivy on blast in her Instagram Story a few days ago. Referring to the article from Astro Gempak titled “Vivy Yusof Nafi Ciplak Idea Tudung”, where Vivy explained that “The Artsy dUCk” was meant to help less privilege children, Alicia accused her of using the kids as a cover up.


Instead of apologising or paying homage, she is using charity as a scapegoat?” the “Asia’s Next Top Model” alum wrote. The 25-year-old sarcastically added, “I’m gonna sell drugs and then donate to (orphans) since it doesn’t matter how you get the cash just as long as you help.”

Source: Murai

In conjunction with the brand turning 6, The dUCk Group has since moved on to the newly-launched “Birthday Collection”. Is this a sign that “The Artsy dUCk” collection is done and dusted?

Source: Murai.

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