Whoops! Did Ameera Khan accidentally spilled the tea regarding her relationship status with FD Idzham on Instagram?

The 20-year-old recently shared a photo of her celebrating her beau’s 23rd birthday with her followers. However, what caught netizens’ attention was the fact that the couple wasn’t practising social distancing between them.

Source: IG via myartisdotcom

One commentator wrote, “Hmmm, you’re not supposed to go out of your house. Stay home!!” She then responded to the accusation by clarifying, “But that IS our house.” Ameera’s straightforward reply revealed that the lovebirds are currently living together, thus drawing more speculations about their current relationship status.


As discussed by fans and followers, her statement seems to imply that they have already taken the next step in their romance. Some even believed that Ameera had already tied the knot with Idzham. For now, the popular vlogger-influencer has yet to come up with any official statement on the matter.

Ameera Khan
Source: IG via Gempak

For the uninitiated, Ameera was previously bombarded with tons of questions about the real reason behind her hiatus from social media for over 8 months. She stated that she will no longer comment about her private life anymore.

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