Neelofa’s younger sister, Ameera Khan recently opened up about the real reason behind her disappearance from social media.

Though the LMK cosmetics entrepreneur refused to give any further comments on her rumoured marriage with her partner while on hiatus, she did acknowledge the public scrutiny.

Source: Instagram

“What happened in the past 8 months, just let it be. I won’t tell you anything. I don’t want people to know what I did back then. I don’t want any outside interference in my personal life,” the 20-year-old told Gempak.


“Regardless of what other people think or judge, I will stick with my decision on staying silent,” Ameera clarified, before adding, “Back then, I used to be confused, seeing other people living better lives than me. It made me depressed. That’s why I decided to take a rest in order to regain a new-found spirit.” 

During the month-long break, she spent most of her time with her family as well as beloved beau, Idzham. “I’ve been working out at the gym, spending some quality time with my family and also my boyfriend. I’ve done everything that I’ve been wanting to do,” said Ameera.

Source: Instagram

Learning from her past experience, Ameera also told the local entertainment portal that she will be more careful in using social media after this. “I won’t reveal everything from now onwards. I’ve done that a lot previously. You will see only 5% of my life on my account after this. I don’t feel bad because that’s what I always wanted,” she concluded the chat.

Source: Gempak.

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