Earlier this week, it was reported that actress Puteri Aishah, along with 6 other production crews of the drama “Demi” were tested positive for Covid-19 upon their arrival from filming in Inverness, Scotland.

Following them, it was confirmed that the child actress involved in the upcoming TV series, Puteri Rayyana Rayqa and her mother Syira have been diagnosed with the disease as well.

Source: mStar

Speaking to Harian Metro, Syira said that the 6-year-old has been feeling feverish since she was in the country. Though, she assured everyone that both of them didn’t show any signs of infection before this.


“Rayqa and I took the screening test on Wednesday at a medical centre in Petaling Jaya. This morning (yesterday) we received a call that we are positive Covid-19. Honestly, I don’t know what to comment when I came across this. But all I can say is, God gave us this test because He loves us,” Syira was quoted as saying.

Rayqa’s mother Syira (Source: mStar)

Syira also shared that during their time at Scotland, all of the filming team members reminded each other about the importance of health and hygiene. “When we heard that there were crews tested positive, I felt scared at first. But now, I’ll just leave everything to Him. If He wants to pass the disease to us, I’ll just surrender,” Syira told the local news outlet.

“What’s more important now is that both of us want to recover. In this current situation, we have to be positive. I really hope people will not look down on us. We didn’t even ask for this to happen in the first place. Please pray for us to be healed (from the coronavirus),” she concluded the interview.

Source: Harian Metro.

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