Regarding the controversy surrounding the TikTok contest organised by the Higher Education Ministry recently, local netizens have came up with their own suggestion on which social media influencer is well-suited to be the main face of the competition.

A lot of them have named local rising YouTuber Sofyank96 as the most eligible person for the task. This came following the massive amount of backlash received by the influencers who were involved in the promotional video.


For those who don’t know, Sofyank96 (full name Mohamad Sofian Abdullah) is a digital content designer who is widely famous for his special effects videos on YouTube. Feel free to check out his out-of-the-world clips on Instagram if y’all are curious enough.

In this case, most of them pointed that his account not only features high-quality content, but it has also gained over 500,000 followers. This will surely help the ministry a lot in their effort to reach the younger generation.

Not only that! Sofian’s creative hand-crafted videos have also garnered the attention of world-renowned celebrities namely Zach King and Will Smith. The famous video editor has been following Sofian on social media, where he often praise the young Malaysian’s creative skills.

With a large number of followers online, quality content as well recognition from international stars, we have no doubt that Sofian will make a great influence for other people out there.

Do y’all agree?

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