It was a once in a lifetime experience for our very own Malaysian YouTuber, Sofyank96 as he finally met internet star Zach King in person.

Not only that, they were able to stand together on stage to perform their signature tricks, just like the videos that we have seen on YouTube!

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It all started back when Zach, who reached out to Sofian (real name Mohamad Sofian Abdullah) on twitter. Initially, Zach didn’t even knew that he was Malaysian, asking if he is from Indonesia, as he mentioned that he will be visiting the country soon.


Sofyan then replied saying that he would love to meet him in person. The local content creator wasted no time and made preparations to fly to Jakarta on the same day. It was a moment the Kota Bharu born videographer will remember forever when they first came face to face.

Source: mStar

Taken from his interview with mStar, Sofian described King as very humble and down-to-earth. “I am so happy I couldn’t describe it in words. I couldn’t expect that I was able to finally meet him in person.”

He added, “I’ve been a fan of Zach King for years, and I thought if I don’t go and see him, I might regret it for life. Everything happened in a blink of an eye. I’ve never been to any foreign countries before this, neither owning a passport. But I am very glad that everything went as planned,” he added.

Sofian managed to compile the moment when he was travelling to Jakarta to the moment when he was able to finally meet his longtime idol from YouTube.

Additionally, King also made a special shout-out towards his fan in his latest video during his visit to Jakarta. You guys can watch the full video of their interactions below:


It was very heartwarming to see their interaction between the two. Kudos to Zach King himself for taking the initiative to reach out to one of his biggest fan. Hopefully we’ll see more similar interactions in the future 😉

Source: mStar, Vocket.

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