Everyone is affected by the movement control order (MCO) one way or the other, but our ministers having been attracting negative attention to themselves lately.

The latest in this series of drama is Malaysia’s Higher Education Minister – Dato’ Dr. Noraini Ahmad. Last night (Wednesday, 8th April), she promoted a TikTik contest for Malaysians to join, but deleted in hours later.


Although Noraini has since deleted her postings on the TikTik challenge, the internet keeps receipts. The competition was supposed to take place from 8th April till 14th April. Here are more of the details regarding the 7-day competition:

  • Competitors must be aged between 18 to 26 years old.
  • Don’t touch sensitive, religious, race, and national matters.
  • Video content must be able to be viewed by all layers of society and ages.
  • Must tag 3 friends with the following hashtags: #staysafe, #kitamestimenang #kesanakesini.

Higher Education Minister

Netizens weren’t too please at the influencers involved in the campaign as well. One of them – Norreen Iman – even shared that she went all the way to Dr. Noraini’s office in Putrajaya. What happened to practicing social distancing? The other unknown “influencer” in on this project was Iskandar Rahman.

The 3 of them recorded a rather cringe worthy video that rub people the wrong way. Netizens slammed her for “having fun” when she should have been focusing on more important issues during this pandemic.

Below are just some of the comments expressed by netizens:

Higher Education Minister

Higher Education Minister

Someone even said it best – under the new government body, the warm water minister, Doraemon minster, and now the Higher Education Minister being nominated as the TikTok minister.

Majulan Malaysia!

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