Puteri Aishah made headlines nationwide after it was revealed that she had tested positive for Covid-19.

Word has it that the Port Dickson-born beauty recently came back from shooting for her latest drama “Demi” in Scotland, with other actors, namely Ashraf Muslim, Ben Amir as well as Hasnul Rahmat.


The unfortunate news was confirmed by her manager, Iman Tang on his Instagram yesterday (Tuesday, 7th April). “Puteri Aishah just tested positive for Covid-19 an hour ago. Please pray for her. Please pray so that she can recover quickly. Stay strong Puteri,” Iman wrote on the caption.

Besides the “Dewi Remaja” alum, it’s also reported that the director of the upcoming TV series, Rahila Ali, and 6 other production crews have also been diagnosed with the disease. According to Rahila, all of them flew to Scotland on 9th March, way before the movement control order was implemented.

She further added that they had to halt filming and return home after being advised to do so. “There were no symptoms like fever and so on, it’s just that we weren’t really fortunate. What’s important now is our recovery. Please pray for us,” Rahila told Gempak.

As for now, all of them are currently waiting for the second screening test results. Hopefully everything will be eased.

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