Uh-oh! It seems like Tunku Temenggong Johor Tunku Idris Iskandar isn’t please with a netizen who threw harsh comment towards him.

The 33-year-old Johor prince uploaded a screenshot of a Facebook post by Lobak Merah, with a woman in her hijab rudely commenting, “Trash. Next,” on the comments section, in reference to the topic covered in the writeup.

Source: IG via Murai

In the article, Tunku Idris shared a piece of hadith that reads, “Sultan is like the shadow of God on earth. Whoever glorifies the Sultan, then God will honour him. Otherwise, whoever insults the Sultan, he will be despised by Him,” much to the troll’s disapproval.


Refusing to stay mum, Tunku Idris appeared to have counter-slammed her statement online, expressing his hopes that the lady will have her lips covered too and not just her hair. “Thanks for sharing this my dear follower LOL. Let’s pray that one day she’ll cover her mouth (with hijab), not just her head. Next,” he wrote.

Tunku Idris further described the issue as the second biggest concern that Malaysians had to deal with following the Covid-19 outbreak. The post has since been deleted by him, citing that he doesn’t want his “account flow to look ugly”.

Source: Murai

Scrolling through the replies, a number of followers have suggested for him to lodge a report to the authorities to take action against the foul-mouthed culprit. They also advised him to keep calm and ignore all the haters.

Source: Murai.

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