Malaysian singers Naim Daniel and Ismail Izzani may have found themselves in the middle of a controversy following the release of their new collab project “Covid-19 – (II X ND)”.

Despite the fact that the song contains positive message of awareness, the spotlight is on the teaser photo of the song, which included an edited image of our YDPA Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah.



Initially posted on Naim’s Instagram, the label mates were soon criticised by local netizens for being insensitive. Moreover, if y’all watch the full music video (attached below), the storyline has nothing to do with the teaser, much to everyone’s dismay.

A number of enraged netizens later took to the comments section by bombarding a number of not-so-nice remarks, demanding the duo to respect our ruler. Take a look at some of them below:

  • “Wow! Agong’s photo is taken as a joke now. Congrats youngsters.”
  • “Just because our YDPA is someone non-ordinary, how dare these kids to come out with such edited image.”
  • “Please respect our Agong.”
  • “This is something you guys should not make fun of. Please pay your to the ruler of the country.”

As a response to the massive backlash, Naim removed the post from his Instagram. Still, he hasn’t even bothered to address the issue to his followers.

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