In light of the country’s 2-week movement control order, the Ministry of Health (MOH) have not only been providing regular updates on Covid-19 cases but also helpful guidelines for those at home.

As you may know, only the head of your household (or 1 representative) is allowed to leave the house to buy groceries and meals. A new step-by-step guideline was recently released for the person who returned home from shopping.

Source: Twitter

Step 1: Remove mask, put it in a plastic bag and throw it out.


Step 2: Avoid interacting with household members.

Step 3: Head to the shower immediately and remove all clothing worn. Soak the clothing in soapy water before washing them.

Step 4: Shower. Ensure that face and hands are thoroughly washed with soap.

Step 5: After completing all these steps, then only interact with others.

Source: MOH

These steps are meant to reduce the risk of infection to more people.

Source: MalaysiaKini.

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