Ever since the government implemented the movement control order, most locals have listen and are currently staying in the comfort of their homes.

In a shocking revelation, it look like many Malaysians have been killing time by entertaining themselves at PornHub! This evidence came to light following a statistic shown by the world’s largest adult entertainment site, using keywords related to Covid-19 outbreak.


Besides our country, there are also other states who have “contributed” to the increase in traffic during this period. Their recent statistic shows that worldwide traffic surged from 6.5% to 11.6% based on the data taken from 16th to 17th March – the dates when most countries worldwide had announced their lockdowns.

In addition to the increasing number of visitors amid the Covid-19 outbreak, PornHub has revealed that there have been over 9.1 million searches worldwide for the keyword “covid” and “corona” over the past few months.

Going back to the list of countries contributing to PornHub’s soaring traffic, the statistic shows that Malaysia is in 4th place (84%). Slovakia came in first with 119%. It’s interesting to know that our country topped the highest percentage among Asian countries. For those wondering, our neighbouring country Singapore ranked at 8th place (66%).

Seeing as how local viewers have developed an appetite for spicy content, it was also revealed that the film “Fifty Shades Freed” is the country’s number one most-watched movie on Netflix. The revelation came to light after a number of netizens users took to Twitter to point out their amusement.

On the contrary, some were against the fact that Malaysians opt for watching film that heavily features sexual content. Besides the 2018 erotic flick, K-dramas like “Crash Landing On You”, “Itaewon Class” and “Kingdom” are also in the list.

How have you been entertaining yourself during this partial lockdown?


Source: Murai.

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