Yesterday (Wednesday, 26th February), Bunkface dropped a new single titled “Akhir Zaman” or “The End of Times”. It wasn’t long before the song was trending on social media – but for all the wrong reasons.

What was supposed to be a “rebellious” song (with lyrics like “mana pergi semua duit rakyat”), many were taken aback by Bunkface’s jab towards the queer community. The disturbing lyrics called for “LGBT, boleh pergi mampus” (translation: “go die, LGBT” or “go to hell, LGBT”).

Source: Sinar Harian


While some were horrified by the hate speech incited in “Akhir Zaman” (and are rallying for the song to be reported and taken down), others have defended Bunkface, saying that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

As at time of writing, the lyric video has gained close to 100,00 views with 13k likes and 1.5k dislikes. It’s always a tricky situation when religious views and human rights are thrown into the mix. 4 words from “Akhir Zaman” have ignited online feuds among netizens. Here are what people are saying:


Has hatred become mainstream these days?

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