The 40th season of “Survivor” – Winners At War – is turning out to be the biggest season yet. Plus, the returning winners are definitely delivering.

Is it any surprise that the first 3 winners – Natalie, Amber, Danni – have all been women so far? If anything, it’s an indication of the winner for “Survivor: Winners At War”. If you’ve clicked on this link, we’re assuming that you’re actively looking for spoilers.

Source: CBS

But if you don’t want to be spoiled, then this is your last chance to exit this article while you still can. Still here? Great! Let’s dig into the season and what we know so far. Before we start, we’ll say this much – our source is someone who claims to have worked in the “Survivor” production team and still maintains relationship with some insiders.


Take it for what it’s worth. While we don’t have the exact bootlist, we do have some information on some key events that are about to take place along the way. Here are some highlights before we get to our 3 finalist and the ultimate winner.

  • Survivor Reddit (isn’t our direct source) states that 1 winner will end up quitting Edge of Extinction (EoE). That person is Sandra Diaz Twine. Despite having an idol, she won’t be playing it for herself.
  • Jeremy and Parvati are apparently merge boots. Take this with a grain of salt though.
  • SpoilerGirl claims that Sandra gives her idol to Denise and gets booted.
  • Parvati is apparently the next to go after Sandra.
  • Amongst the rumoured EoE returnees are Wendell Holland, Danni Boatwright, Natalie Anderson, and Tyson Apostol.
  • One rumour claims that Tyson wins his way back from EoE, only to be voted out soon after.
Winners At War
Source: Reddit

Now unto the final 3. For some time, it was teased that the final 3 will be a male and 2 females. Ultimately, the male finalist will win the title of Sole Survivor again, and along with it – the $2 million grand prize.

  • Insiders have revealed that this season’s male winner starts with a T; that leaves us with either Tyson and Tony Vlachos. While a few claim it’s Tony, others insist it’s Tyson.
  • Joining Tyson/Tony in pitching to the members of the jury are Michelle Fitzgerald and possibly Danni (some initially thought it was Kim or Natalie who returns from EoE).
  • While many players have publicly confirmed that viewers will be satisfied with this season’s 2-time winner, we were told that Sophie Clarke plays one of the best games this season.

Update (16th March):

RHAP’s spoiler boostlist is apparently the most liable so far. Following Tyson’s exit, it seems like the next few winners to get the boot are (in no particular order) – Boston Rob, Parvati, Adam and Yul.

Another spoiler claims that the final 3 are Tony, Michelle and Natalie. Natalie apparently wins final immunity and takes Michelle to the end, while Tony wins the fire challenge against Sarah.

Update (8th April): 

Source: CBS

Ready for more tea? According to Jaybird0114, a supposed bootlist have been revealed. The spoiler doesn’t stray too far from our last update from 16th March. Here goes:

  • 11th/ 10th: Tyson, Adam
  • 9th/ 8th: Sophie, Kim
  • 7th: Jeremy (word has it that he leaves before the next EoE challenge)
  • 6th/ 5th: Ben, Denise
  • The spoiler maintains that Sarah loses the fire challenge after Natalie takes Michelle to the final 3.
  • Tony is apparently applauded for making it to the end despite being a huge treat.

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