Are you brave enough to take a leap of faith and travel to another country for love? We turn to Honey Khanum for some answers.

The 27-year-old Malaysian recently took part in a travel lifestyle series called “Travel For Love”. 5 individuals are taken out of their comfort zones thrust into an exotic Asian destination where they will experience new cultures, flavours and adventures.


There is a twist though. All these take place during a series of blind first dates. Will Cupid’s arrow hits its target? Will there be personalities clash? The unscripted 10-part series kicks off in the East Malaysian state of Sarawak.

Since relationships and travel are two content pillars among viewers in Southeast Asia, “Travel For Love” provides a relatable premise to the real-life aspirations of real people seeking love. Luckily, we’ve got Honey Khanum to talk about her experience.

1) Tell us a bit about yourself. 

Hi! I’m Honey, I’d say I am friendly and bubbly though I am not a fan of that word!

2) What made you want to be part of “Travel For Love”?

I really didn’t know how big this was going to be in the beginning. I saw the casting call on a friend’s Facebook and thought hmm it must be the real deal, followed by oh I hope it’s not a scam! I imagined it was just going to be a small feature, but I had to fill out a whole application and that’s when I knew I was in for a mad adventure!

3) What do you look for in a partner?


Personality, I can’t stand guys who are all about looking cool and acting tough. I definitely need humour in them, someone who can make me laugh!

4) What’s your definition of Mr. Right?

Ooo that’s hard, as I said, someone who makes me laugh, someone who I really have a
connection with, I think that’s so much more important compared to the physical attributes.

5) Could you share a little bit about some of the dates you met in Bohol?

I had some very interesting experiences with my dates in Bohol. As was shown in the first
episode, I went on a date with this guy who initially started saying super random things, talking to me about meeting my parents, I was caught off guard that someone would say that on the first date! That being said, he was such a sweet guy. During our date, I got a panic attack while we were snorkelling but he was very comforting and constantly checking in on me.

6) What are some of the unforgettable memories from your time in Bohol?

I have had so many! I’d have to say definitely the activities, I did so many things that I thought I’d never do like hiking the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, that was really special. I even rode a bicycle on a zip-line, the weirdest thing ever!

7) If you could choose your destination to travel for love, what would it be?

Even though I didn’t get to choose, it turned out to be perfect. I love islands and being by the beach and water so Bohol was so beautiful and unexpected, I’d definitely recommend that you visit soon!

8) If someone were to travel for love to Malaysia, where would you take them?

So I am from Penang and the one place I’d bring my date to is Penang Hill definitely. The view is great and incredibly romantic and the canopy walk is a great way to explore and take in nature.

I haven’t had many dates in KL to be honest, but I feel KLCC while touristy is still so
breathtaking. I’d love to visit the sky bridge, that’d be quite cool!

9) What can viewers look forward to when they tune in to “Travel for Love”?

Lots of adventure! It’s a dating show meets travel show, so if you love reality TV and exploring places to travel, get on it!

10) Do you have any advice for anyone looking to “Travel for Love”?

Always be open to all the experiences that come your way, just say yes!

You can catch “Travel For Love” on Fridays on TLC (Astro Channel 728) at 9:25pm.

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