Dato’ Seri Vida’s daughter, Cik B (real name Edlynn Zamilleen Muhammad Amin) says that she fully supports her mother’s decision to take legal action against Azwan Ali.

The 18-year-old told Gempak, “This lawsuit will not only will help to clear my mom’s name, but it will also benefit other people too.” For those who have missed it, the feud between the 2 prominent figures has been ongoing for weeks, and has yet to reach its settlement.

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“Uncle Azwan has been using abusive words towards my mom and a lot of people as well. So, hopefully with this lawsuit, he will put to halt what he’s doing now. It’s a reminder for him to stop cursing and hurting other people’s feelings,” said Cik B.


The young entrepreneur further assured that she didn’t take Azwan’s criticism too personal. “He was slamming me but it seemed as though he was talking about himself. So, I never took what he said to heart,” she was quoted as saying.

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Cik B was in attendance during the recent press conference to give some updates on Dato’ Vida’s lawsuit against Azwan Ali. During the session, Dato’ Vida (real name Hasmiza Othman) was seen having difficulty holding back her tears, as the screen played a clip of a media report of the incident involving her 2 sons who died in a fire tragedy back in 2013.

According to the Qu Puteh boss, she had to play the video as proof to the public (especially Azwan) that her children didn’t die in a tragic manner, as he previously claimed. Though the “Aku No. 1” had apologised, Dato’ Vida will still proceed with taking legal action against him.

Source: Murai

“It’s not that I am purposely elongating this issue, but my heart aches knowing that people have been making fun of my children’s sudden passing. If you look at Azwan’s apology, he looked insincere and showed no regret. I will continue with my decision to sue Azwan despite him asking for my forgiveness,” Dato’ Vida told the press.

As the saying goes, karma never loses its address.

Sources: Gempak, Murai.

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