Kenneth Ma (馬國明) was recently in Singapore for a promotional event with his buddy Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健).

Since the coronavirus epidemic is at an all-time high, the TVB actor was asked about his mission to purchase more face masks during his work trip in the Lion City.

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Unfortunately his mission failed. “They were all sold out,” he explained. “I heard that Singapore is a hot place, so the flu is not as serious here and there aren’t a lot of masks in stock.” Although Kenneth hasn’t been too paranoid, the 45-year-old actor has been paying more attention to his hygiene.


I actually had another show in Huizhou that has been cancelled, but the organiser for this Singapore show said nothing about cancelling. Since I have already accepted the job, I would do it. Singapore should be safe,” he previously told reporters.

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Despite not being able to stock up on face masks to bring home, the Hong Kong star enjoyed his reunion with Ekin. If you’ve been to Kenneth’s shows in the past, then it’s probably no secret that he enjoys performing cover versions of Ekin’s songs.

Everyone knows I like to sing his songs because I think they sound good. I watched a lot of his ‘Young and Dangerous’ (古惑仔) movies back then, so I’m familiar with a lot of those songs,” Kenneth said. “But I didn’t sing his songs this time since we’re at the same event. To be on the same stage with Ekin already makes me happy.”

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So what’s next for Kenneth? The current plan is to start filming for TVB drama “Who Wants a Baby 2” (BB來了2) but he isn’t sure if it might be postponed due to the severity of the coronavirus.

To ensure health and safety precautions, TVB has been carrying out screening procedures for symptoms of coronavirus infection.

Source: Jayne Stars.

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