Who would have ever thought that behind MK (real name Muhammad Hairi Amin)’s cool and charismatic image as a hip-hop artiste, he is actually suffering from needle phobia!

Recently, a Twitter user known as @benygtersakiti uploaded a photo of the K-Clique member hesitantly receiving an injection from the staff. Soon after, a clip of the “Mimpi” hit maker at the same health centre also went viral, further raising everyone’s amusement.

“Is it painful?” a concerned MK asked the nurse, before he continued by further questioning, “Which side is better, right hand side? Is it confirmed?” As the procedure goes, he was seen closing his eyes profusely as he held his pain while getting injected.

Looking at the replies section, a number of fans couldn’t help but to be amused after seeing the young rapper’s antics. Some of them have also been linking his recent controversy about his gold jewellery. Check out some of their reactions here:


At the time of writing (Wednesday, 29th January), the tweet has received over 5,900 retweets and 7,000 likes online! We have no doubt that MK is definitely powerful in influencing local youngsters today.

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