It’s a big deal whenever a new “Star Wars” film come out. 4 hardcore fans decided to make the occasion extra special by tying the knot on the opening night of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”.

The wedding ceremony was held on Thursday (19th December 2019) at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, Texas, where the couples attended the opening night of their favourite sci-fi franchise in true Star Wars fashion.

Source: Erika Rich

One of the couples, Andy Forbes and his beau, were in full costume at their wedding. The bride was clad in the iconic Princess Leia buns hairstyle while the groom wore a full set of Stormtrooper armour. The duo are both in their 30s.


Forbes said, “Everyone remembers where they were when ‘Star Wars’ came out. We’re going to say we got married, it’s so cool. I mean, it’s the opposite of cool. But it’s awesome.” before adding, “Our family thinks it’s funny, but this is us, we live and breathe it.”

Source: Erika Rich

The other couple, Matt Anderegg and Mallory Walker, were a bit more reserved than the former, with only the groom being dressed up in “Star Wars” theme attire. Rest assured, the couple was no less enthusiastic, as the bride told reporters that, “We made it clear — the movie was first priority, the wedding was second.” 

Organised by the cinema chain (Alamo Drafthouse) themselves, the couples were surrounded by others costume wearers – all of whom share the same love for the Disney franchise. The couples were also greeted by John Williams’ iconic “Imperial March” music as they walked down the aisle at the cinema’s lobby where they would utter the words, “I do”.

It has become a routine in recent years for theaters in America to come up with surprising gimmick for highly anticipated films.

Sources: Variety, Entertainment Weekly. Featured Image: Erika Rich.

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