Ever since the released of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier“, the popularity of Sebastian Stan has been steadily growing, with him quickly establishing himself as one of Hollywood A-listers and a household name.

Having been on several landmark productions, it’s hard to imagine that Mr. Winter Soldier himself would ever feel “insecure”. However, that was exactly what he felt whenever he stood next to his fellow muscular Marvel co-stars like Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.

In speaking to Men’s Health, the 37 year-old let loose on his insecurities during the early days on set and how it motivated him to go do more training. “I was so insecure being around these massive f**king guys, so I started lifting really heavy and ate a lot. I remember I showed up, and I was a little bit bigger than I had been in ‘The Winter Soldier’. The arm was a bit tight. I was losing circulation,” he recalled

When the conversation turned to his fellow colleagues Sebastian Stan commented, “I mean, next to Evans and Hemsworth and all those guys, I feel like I’m 50 miles behind. I don’t think I can get to that size, to be honest. My body right now is probably the best it’s ever been.” 

Check out those abs for yourself:

Source: Men’s Health
Sebastian Stan
Source: Men’s Health

Other topics discussed in the interview included the now infamous Martin Scorsese criticism of Marvel films and his relationship with bromance partner Anthony Mackie. If you’re curious, then you can find the full interview at the link here.

The “I, Tonya” actor is currently hard at work, filming the upcoming “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier” series for Disney+, and is set to release in late 2020.

Source: MSN Entertainment.

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