Controversial K-pop figure Han Seo Hee (한서희) recently came out with a shocking post on her Instagram account, claiming that girlfriend Jung Da Eun (정다은) was allegedly trying to end her life.

The 24-year-old took to the social media to post a series of screenshots of text messages from a friend of hers, where she was seen asking for her help. However, the Instagram Story posts have since been deleted.


The text messages are read as follows:

“Unnie (Sister), Jung Da Eun is trying to kill me. What should I do? She’s crying now saying she made a mistake. I feel like I am slowly but surely losing my mind. She choked me and said she’ll kill me with her own two hands. 

I had told her that I wanted to die but how could someone do that to someone who’s dying? I said I wanted to die because I was so tired.

I meant it as a plea for help. But, she held me down on the floor and strangled me. And said ‘I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you with my own hands, you f**king bitch.’ Can you even imagine trying to understand this..?”

Source: Instagram Story via AllKpop
Source: Instagram Story via Koreaboo

Another screenshot post showed her friend responded by saying that she “doesn’t understand” the whole situation, suggesting for the pair to just break up. In this case, Seo Hee continued by writing, “This was the first time someone name-called me bitch. I’ve called my mom. I was seriously slapped (by Da Eun). Is she even a girl? She’s crazy. My head was swollen.”

Not long after that, Seo Hee then took to the same social to post a few photos of her injured index finger and arm as a proof that she was indeed physically abused by her girlfriend.

However, she assured everyone that she’s getting better as of now in a caption that reads: “Don’t worry. I covered my face with my hands so my face is fine, but my head and neck are still a bit painful. I’m strong so don’t worry about me.” The comments section was filled with her followers expressing their sympathy for the former YG trainee.

Source: Instagram

At the time of writing (13th December), Da Eun has still yet to give any comments on the issue. Stay tuned to this space for any further updates.

Sources: Koreaboo (1)(2), AllKpop.

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