Han Seo Hee (‎한서희) recently admitted to everyone that she’s currently dating Jung Da Eun (정다은). She announced the news during an Instagram live video with her followers.

During the broadcast, a netizen asked her, “Are you guys just pretending to be a couple?” The former YG trainee then responded by saying, “The answers are all there, and yet the public still denies the fact, so I’m not sure now.”

Source: Hankyung

Jung Da Eun – who now sports a more androgynous look after she had injected male hormones – was also seen in the clip. “I winked because you guys said to wink if we are dating. I blinked twice because you guys said to blink twice if we are dating,” the 25-year-old actress commented during the session.


Han Seo Hee further claimed that they’ve been “dating longer than people think,” as quoted by Koreaboo. Recently, the couple shared exclusive photos during their vacation in Vietnam, which in turn sparked words that the 2 are indeed pursuing a romantic relationship.

Previously, Seo Hee shut down all the reports saying that both Da Eun and her are dating. In this case, the controversial artiste claimed that both of them are just close friends and didn’t even know about Da Eun’s feelings towards her.

“Da Eun is just an unnie (sister) that I knew in my 20s, I am currently in a relationship with my boyfriend of 5 months,” Seo Hee said, ultimately denying all the rumours. We suppose she got tired of hiding her true feelings.

Source: Koreaboo.

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