Neelofa has opened up on the reason why her youngest sister, Ameera Khan made the decision to deactivate her Instagram account.

According to the celebrity-entrepreneur, she doesn’t want the power of the social media to influence her rational thinking.

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“She’s currently taking some time off from social media, actually. As a growing up teenager, she had to deal with a lot of people’s perceptions. She also tends to compare her life with everything that she sees online. So, she feels like… she’s not perfect enough,” Neelofa told Media Hiburan.


“She was the one who told us that she wants to take a break, as she feels that all these things make it feel like it is slowly eating her. She doesn’t want her thoughts to get affected,” the “Pilot Cafe” actress further added in the chat.

Ameera Khan
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When asked about her reaction towards her little sister’s decision, Neelofa responded by saying, “As a sister I will definitely give my support. I told her, ‘It’s good for you because you’re undergoing phases of growing up. Furthermore, you’re still searching for your own identity and (the influence of social media) will indirectly affect your well-being.’ 

“I hope people can give her some space to mature in her own way and not through social media trends. It was a pity at first, because when she deactivated her account, a lot of clients were asking on her whereabout. In this case, I told them, ‘Please respect her decision. She needs some privacy for now. She will be back soon,'” Lofa concluded the chat.

Ameera Khan
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For the uninitiated, the 18-year-old has garnered massive reactions among local netizens for showcasing her lavish lifestyle on social media, mainly Instagram.

Source: Media Hiburan.

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