Neelofa’s youngest sister Ameera Khan also known as Little Miss Khan, has apparently disabled her Instagram account.

It is not known exactly when she deactivated her account, but since late June 2019, people has been asking about her Instagram account on Twitter.


One fan immediately tweeted her sister Athisha Khan who revealed that Ameera is currently taking a break from social media, and will be back soon!

“Ameera is taking a social media break! Nothing is wrong but things can get a little too much when everything you have is online. But don’t worry, Ameera is more than okay! Oh and she’ll be back!” she tweeted.

Apparently, Ameera is not only taking a break from her personal social media account, even her business account LMK Cosmetics is no longer active. Its last post was on 13th April 2019.

Could it be Ameera is planning some huge project? If so, we sure hope that she comes back soon!

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