K-pop’s resident power couple, HyunA (현아) and DAWN (던) have finally made their long-awaited comeback.

This will be both the lovebirds’ first ever release under PSY’s P Nation since signing with the agency. The interesting part is, they will simultaneously promote their music together! Talk about couple goals, right?

Source: P Nation

Though their comeback only consist of only a single album – which only contains one song, it’s more than enough for followers of both the former 4minute member and PENTAGON member who have been waiting for their return to save the music industry.


HyunA’s comeback single, “Flower Shower” adds her signature pop and dance flavours with an interesting blend of the now-popular Moombahton sound to add in the kick. The lyrics were written by P-Nation boss PSY while the composition of the song was done by Yoo Gun Hyung, SPACE ONE, Anna Timgren as well as the “Gangnam Style” star himself.

Looking at the words of the song, the 27-year-old K-pop diva talks about celebrating the fact of being unapologetically herself! We already love her for being overly confident in her past hits such as “Red” (2014) as well “Roll Deep” (2015), where the lyrics talk about her being different from any other girls in the industry. It’s clear she’s loving the attention.

In this case, “Flower Shower” is not far from her previous songs she released so far. The spotlight is also on the theme of self-empowerment that is heavily featured in the song lyrics, as the chorus goes, “I will walk on the flower road now, I will shower you with flowers”. 

Koreans believe that flower road refers to happiness, and it shows that HyunA is not turning back from all the controversies and scandals surrounding her in the past. Instead, she will continue to be the HyunA that all the stans have known since the past few years.

Being released on the same day and time, DAWN (formerly known as E’Dawn)’s title track “Money” talks about his views on the “value of money, packed with piano melodies and heavy synth bass and beats coupled with an emotional rap,” as reported by Korea Herald. In other words, money is considered as a form of self-love for him. Honestly, we were quite shocked with the deep message in the song.

For those who don’t know, the lyrics of the song was self-written by DAWN (real name Kim Hyo Jong) himself with the help from PSY, while the composers of the song are Kim Phillip, Kim Pil Seong and Yoo Gun Hyung. Fans of his former group PENTAGON have known him for being a little bit different than the others. In this case, we can see that DAWN has been pushing boundaries in terms of his musical style as well as his charisma on stage ever since his debut with the CUBE Entertainment boy band.


It is interesting to know what he has to offer in this new single. The main message of the song itself is very dark, as the lyrics focus on the theme of living the luxurious life. The interesting part is, the whole point of the 3-minute and 25-second song can also be seen as how the artiste tried to showcase his struggles in finding acceptance in the mainstream K-pop industry, just like how he has been trying to earn money as portrayed in the lyrics.

However, we felt that there is still something lacking as the song goes. In this case, we felt that the 25-year-old is missing his positive vibe as seen during his PENTAGON days. Keep in mind that he has also produced songs for his former group back in the day as well, such as “Shine” and “Naughty Boy”. So, we are keeping our fingers crossed that he will produce similar songs like that in the future.

Additionally, we felt that since he is just starting his stint as a solo singer, we can see that he is still struggling on making a name on his own. Maybe because we are so used to seeing him as a boy group member. But it’s okay! Good things take time. As time flies, he will definitely fly high with his own signature music in the future.

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Overall, HyunA and DAWN’s comeback single albums managed to get us madly in love with them all over again. We are delighted on how well they really suit each other in terms of musical preference as well as how they carry out their charisma and persona in their songs.

However, if you were to ask us on which one should we recommend, we will go with HyunA’s “Flower Shower”. The reason’s simple – because she’s the QUEEN.

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