MONSTA X leader Shownu (셔누) has found himself in the middle of the spotlight yet again. This time around, an internet user posted a set of sexually suggestive photos of the K-pop idol on social media.

According to Koreaboo, a photo of a man – presumably Shownu (real name Son Hyunwoo) – was shown sleeping on a bed while another portrayed him posing full naked. Based on our findings online, the “leaked photos” look vasty different from the 27-year-old Seoul-born singer.

As a response, Starship Entertainment – MONSTA X’s home label – has come out with a statement that strongly opposes the allegations thrown towards Shownu. In addition, they also revealed that they will take legal actions against the irresponsible person who started the gossip.

Here is what the entertainment company has to say:

“At the moment, photos involving Shownu that were illegally manipulated are spreading online and throughout social media. We will file a report against the person who initially released the photos, as well as against the people who have spread the photos.

We will work with our legal counsel to pursue strong legal actions against them via lawsuits, seeking compensation for damages based on violating the Law on Special Cases For Sexual Violence Crimes, spreading pornographic material, and violating personal right.”

Source: Pinterest

Not only that, Starship Entertainment revealed today (Monday, 4th November) that they will bring the ongoing cases surrounding Shownu and former member Wonho (원호) to the court. According to the agency, the current condition of MONSTA X has in turn brought a massive number of malicious comments made against the boy band.

As a result, they are planning to bring forward the case to the court. This can be taken as a sign of warning issued by Starship against the trolls’ attempt to defame their artistes. Feel free to check out their official statement here:

In the meantime, MONSTA X has continued their promotional cycle for their comeback track “Follow” as a 6-member group, following Wonho’s departure on 31st October (Thursday).

Sources: Allkpop (1)(2).

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