Jason Momoa is certainly the man of the hour. Ever since he established himself as the DC superhero “Aquaman”, many have taken an interest on the character’s progress.

It was recently announced that his stepdaughter, Zoe Kravitz, will be playing Catwoman in the upcoming “The Batman” movie. A ton of fans have called for a crossover to be made for the father-daughter duo.

Jason Momoa
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In an interview with Entertainment Online, he was asked about his reaction on the casting of both Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman and Robert Pattinson’s Batman. The “Justice League” star had nothing but praise for the both of them.


In regards to Kravitz, the stepfather was all smiles saying, “So proud. It’s perfect casting, it’s perfect. She’s gonna killed it.” He did not stopped there, as Jason Momoa also expressed his excitement on Pattinson’s casting. “I’m really stoked. He’s a good man, he’s a great actor. I’m excited about the whole thing,” the hunky actor said.

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Being a conversation of DC’s characters, it didn’t take long before he was asked about the potential crossover for the beloved characters. Sadly, the answer given by the DC star was certainly not the one fans were hoping for.

The Hawaiian native quickly shot down any possibility of the crossover. “I mean, it’d be awesome, but I don’t think it’s going that way. Let’s just let them do their thing and I’ll do my thing,” he was quoted as saying. But this might just be a blessing in disguise, as Warner Bros. have been criticised in the past for rushing a mega superhero movie rather than focusing on origin stories.

Check out the entire interview in the video below:

Currently, Jason Momoa is promoting his latest series, “See”, which tells a story about a future where humankind has lost the ability to see. However, everything changes when a set of twins are born with sight, thus, challenging the status quo.

Source: Cinema Blend.

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