A new ride-hailing app is making their way to Malaysia and it’s called Ryde. Originated from our neighbouring country Singapore, this app is set to bring much needed competition to the already established brands available to us right now.

The app will have similar features like others of its kind, such as review and ratings. But get this, the company will take a non-profit stance with drivers only able to pick up two passengers per day. So in order to attract drivers and customers alike, Ryde will not be taking any commission on payment.

Source: The Strait Times

Passengers of Ryde will also get the option to bid on a ride. This is to ensure that the drivers will feel more compensated for their expenses. However, the bidding option will only be available when there are a lot of riders in a single location.


Unfortunately, Ryde will only accept cash as payment at the moment. The app is available for download right now, though the service will only be available on 1st November 2019, within the Klang Valley. Other areas that the company plans to expand include Johor, Penang and Malacca but no official date has been confirmed.

Source: The Strait Times

Ryde is said to focus on carpooling as being a regular commute, instead of a one-off trip like most apps. Though, it is still unclear how Ryde will deal with the Passenger Service Vehicle (PSV) license. Ryde’s CEO Terrance Zou believes it may not be necessary as carpooling is not for profit.

Sources: Lowyat, The Star.

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