Fellow teammates of f(x) Sulli (설리), Amber Liu (엠버) and Victoria Song (빅토리아) have made their way back to Korea today for her funeral.

After halting all her scheduled activities earlier this week, Amber was seen at the airport after she arrived back in Korea from the States. Additionally, Victoria – who was staying at China for her solo activities there – left the country yesterday.


According to Koreaboo, Amber arrived earlier than Victoria. In this case, the 27-year-old entertainer looked very solemn and gloomy. She kept her head down as she walked pass the fans and local press.

Both were wearing black outfits from head to toe to reflect their mourning state towards the loss of their beloved team member. Victoria also was seen wearing a mask and sunglasses to cover her face as she walked pass the public.

Check out the full clips of their arrival here courtesy of NewsEn:

Sulli’s funeral was held privately earlier today (17th October) with the presence of her family and close friends. Initially, f(x)’s agency, SM Entertainment, requested to ensure the funeral to be kept secret. However, it was later announced that fans were allowed to pay their tribute and bid their last goodbye to the singer-actress at the public memorial event.

The event was held at Funeral Hall 7 on the ground level of Sincheon Severance Hospital on 15th October (Tuesday) and 16th October (Wednesday). Besides Amber and Victoria, fellow f(x) member Luna was also seen at the funeral as they bid their final farewell to the late Sulli.

Source: Google image

May your soul rest in peace, Sulli.


Source: Koreaboo (1)(2).

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