One of the most popular food delivery app FoodPanda Malaysia recently showed a significant downfall following everyone’s decision to boycott their ongoing service.

We believe that the people have showed their disagreement against the controversial statement addressed by their managing director, Sayantan Das as a response to his employer’s petition to increase their salary.

Source: The Sun Daily

For those who are curious, Sayantan claimed that if the riders “showed no interest in doing their jobs, they can always give them to other rider. The main point is, if you don’t want to work (for FoodPanda), we’re okay because rules will never change if you continue with the strike.”


His statement in turn received a number of negative reactions among local netizens. Most of them expressed their disappointment towards the managing director for not doing his job properly in taking care of his worker’s welfare. Some also felt that his statement came out as insulting and showed no respect towards the riders.

In addition, it’s reported that the rating of FoodPanda has dropped significantly as a result of the backlash. According to VOCKET, the rating of the app decreased from 4.4 points to a only 1.3 points.

More and more people had began leaving lukewarm reviews as a sign to boycott ongoing FoodPanda services. Check out their reactions below:

We hope that the ongoing dispute will reach its settlement soon. In the meantime, you can check out 5 other interesting food delivery apps apart from FoodPanda to suit your cravings.

Source: VOCKET.

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