Don’t you love the feeling of having a five-star meal at the front of your doorstep? Or a
fresh fruity beverage from the stall down the street? All this is possible!

Us Malaysians can be a little lazy sometimes, even when it comes to going out for a meal. It’s amazing how almost everything can be delivered right to your doorstep just by a few clicks on your smartphone. We’ve listed down some of the best food delivery services that would suit your preference!

1. DahMakan

Source: BFM

DahMakan is definitely the best value for food delivery and has been known for their home-
cooked style food options. It serves a variety of cuisines ranging from western to Thai to Chinese and local, all from the starting price of RM14.90 for a meal, pay by cash or Paypal. Though they may only serve from lunch till supper, it’s still a great choice if you wanna have a premium level meal.


2. Cooked

Source: Eat Drink

Cooked is best known for their food deliveries for parties. It was created and is still run by
five-stared chefs and a group of entrepreneurs. They have a variety of lunch boxes starting
from RM18 and buffet catering witch is perfect for party hosts. So if you’re looking to have a birthday party, Cooked has got you covered!

3. Yumcious

Yumcious is perfect for people in the KL area! It has a minimum amount to order, which is RM15. Yumcious connects you to home-cooked style food all over the city, ranging from vegan Nasi Lemak to homemade baked pizza right to your doorstep. The best part? These meals can go for as low as RM6!

4. Epic Fit Meals Co

If you see their shopfront, it shouts “45 MIN DELIVERY OR FREE PIZZA”. So far this is the
only food delivery service that makes you want your food to be late! If you’re on a Keto diet, this is the one for you. Inspired from the Aussie cuisines, their healthy meat section starts from only RM12.80! But If you’re ordering from home there is a minimum order of RM20. So if you feel like you should start a diet plan or if you just want FREE PIZZA, this is for you!

5. Food Panda

Food Panda is one for the best food delivery service ever created! It caters to students and families as it’s the biggest food delivery service in Malaysia, partnered with more then 700 different outlets around all 6 major cities in Malaysia. Not to mention how convenient it is. Unlike other food delivery apps, Food Panda accepts cash on delivery! This is great because we can actually check the condition of our meals before paying for it!

6. GrabFood


Yes! Even the biggest E-hailing company in Soulth East Asia delivers food! If you’re looking
for a late night or midnight snack they serve it all! Grab pin points where you’d like the food to be delivered, and gives you the best promos and prices in your area!

By accumulating Grab points, you can use them to get discounts on your meals (e.g.: Texas Chicken, Tealive, Starbucks and more)! Everyday, GrabFood’s venders are growing, even small bugger joints are on GrabFood.

Other honorary mentions:

  • The Rebellious Chickpea
  • The Naked Lunchbox
  • DeliverEat
  • RunningMan

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