It was just this Saturday (5th October) that Shawn Mendes entertained local as part of his 2019 world tour at Bukit Jalil. Not all fans were smiling however, as some of them failed to get their hands on tickets to see their favourite star. Worse still, some of them even got scammed.

One such incident happened to Putri Noraini, who paid around RM800 for 2 tickets that turned out to be fakes. Putri like many fans, relied on other platforms to find resellers for tickets, after they were unable to get theirs from the official site.

Source: Twitter

“I bought the ticket from this carousell account. We even met the person at Summit since she wanted to give the ticket physically,”  she wrote in one of the picture on her social media.


She later discovered that the tickets were fake at the entrance of the stadium. Putri felt that something was amidst when she failed to scan her ticket. She was sent to the customer service by the staff, where they eventually broke the news to her.

Unfortunately, the music fan already knew getting to see Mendes was going to be tough when she found out that tickets might not be transferable as they were linked to the buyer’s IC and name. When she tried contacting her buyer, all she got for a response was silence.

Source: Twitter

So let this be a reminder, while some resellers might have been legitimate, there are a lot more that are scammers. So if you want to see your favourite star on stage, please buy it from the official stores. If a deal on any platform sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Source: Twitter. Featured Image: Jinson Chee.

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