For those who are curious on how Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) is doing these days, her sister Scarlett has some updates.

It’s been almost half a year since Jacqueline’s cheating scandal with married singer Andy Hui (許志安) made headlines. Since the disgraced actress has been living in US to pursue studies.

Source: Today Online

During a recent talk show, Scarlett shared that her sister “has made a mistake. Her emotions are still unstable, so she needs time and space to deal with it herself, as well as to take responsibility for what has happened“.


When asked if Jacqueline would ever return to Hong Kong in the future, Scarlett replied that neither of them know the answer to that. “Hopefully she can come back and face everyone when she is ready, so people won’t ask me anymore,” she was quoted as saying.

Source: Strait Times

Many felt bad for Scarlett when the scandal went viral. As soon as Jacqueline disabled the comments section on her social media pages, numerous people stormed Scarlett’s account and blasted her for her sister’s actions. “If they feel better after venting to me, let them vent. Haters gonna hate,” she commented.

What happened was huge, her emotions are still unstable so she needs time and space to deal with and face herself, and to accept what has happened and take responsibility,” Scarlett added.

Jacqueline Wong
Source: Jayne Stars

Despite everything that has happened, families stick together. “She’s in the wrong. But as her older sister and her family member, I will be by her side no matter what,” Scarlett said.

Sources: Jayne Stars, Today Online.

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