Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) has decided to put some distance between her and the Andy Hui (許志安) drama by leaving Hong Kong.

With most of her projects being cancelled or postponed, and her current relationship status with Kenneth Ma (馬國明) on the rocks, perhaps this is what she needs to get away from the intense paparazzi scrutiny.

Source: Instagram

Rumour has it that the 30-year-old actress may be considering going back to studies. Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily reported that she was sighted at the Los Angeles International Airport yesterday morning (Friday, 26th April). It is believed that Jacqueline first took a flight from Macau to Philippines, before arriving in LA.


Despite efforts to shake off paparazzi, she was bombarded with questions by reporters. “Are you going to transfer to a flight to Canada to visit your family? Are you going to apologise to Kenneth Ma? What is your current status with Kenneth? Are you afraid your career is already over?” Needless to say, she ignored all the questions and pretended the reporters didn’t exist.

Jacqueline was dressed in a black sweater and khaki pants. She also wore a black cap and grey mask that covered most of her face in hopes of remaining under the radar. No such luck though. Before entering a cab, her female companion said that the actress “will not be saying anything“.

Some suspect that Jacqueline is planning to use her free time on acting/ directing classes.

Sources: Jayne Stars, Asia One.

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