Since Malaysian Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq announced that he will definitely bring famous K-pop band BTS to Malaysia next year for Visit Malaysia 2020, Malaysian ARMYs have been jumping with joy over the news!

However, not everyone is as equally excited as Malaysian ARMYs and K-pop fans. Non-fans ridiculed the idea and even condemned the young minister for prioritising international acts instead of focusing on local acts or culture which should be the main highlights for Visit Malaysia 2020.

The news most certainly does not sit well with several local celebrities who think that the minister should give the opportunity to the many music talents in Malaysia that can represent the country better than the Korean group.

Here are some of the criticisms and complaints left by local celebrities:-

1Shamaine Othman

Soon after Syed Saddiq announced his plan to bring BTS to Malaysia, Malaysian film director and comedian Shamaine Othman took to her Twitter to voice out her objection. The comedian questioned the rationale of bringing the boy band to Malaysia during the Visit Malaysia 2020, and suggest that the money should be channelled to local performing arts institutions and companies instead. While many agree with her, some explain that the popularity of BTS can bring in a lot of overseas fans to Malaysia, and thus, bringing profit to the country.

2Sharnaaz Ahmad


Actor Sharnaaz Ahmad took to Instagram to complain about the 26-year-old minister’s decision to bring the 7-member boy band to Malaysia. The 33-year-old award-winning actor said that if he was the minister, he would bring in more manly bands like Metallica, Blink 182, Avenged Sevenfold, and Disturbed. “What is this, Kpop? Your mother!” he exclaimed. His comment however has been condemned by fans for being rude and some also said that his tastes are old and lame.


Rock veteran Awie voiced out his anger in a long statement on Facebook. The lead singer of rock band Wings claimed that Syed Saddiq is trying to ruin the career of local artists by inviting international talents instead of relying on local acts who have been supporting and contributing to the country. “You said that the country’s economy is deteriorating, then why would you invite trash into the country? For what?”. The singer-actor continued to ask his fans and the public to boycott the minister whom he claims has been throwing money away to outsiders.

4Zed Zaidi

Former actor and president of SENIMAN (Artiste Association of Malaysia) Zed Zaidi has released an official statement SENIMAN’s official Facebook page to call out the issue regarding BTS. Some of the points highlighted include:

  • To review the decision to bring BTS to the country who they believe would not bring any benefit to the local entertainment industry.
  • Give more focus to local talents so that the industry can generate ideas that can help improve the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and indirectly providing job opportunities to industry players.
  • Pay attention on issues involving the intellectual property rights of actors and households.

5Fahmi Reza

Graphic designer and documentary filmmaker Fahmi Reza who is known for depicting Malaysia’s former Prime Minister, Najib Razak, as a clown, has uploaded a sarcastic poster of BTS where he gave them a metal look, presumably portraying the members as evil and devil-looking. Though the artist did not say that he opposes the band’s performance in Malaysia, his poster certainly says it all as it is decorated with devil’s horns, satanic symbols and skulls.

With all the hate and objections against BTS, some ARMYs have confessed that perhaps it would be better if the band skip Malaysia. At least then the band wouldn’t have to endure the negative criticisms towards them.

We certainly wouldn’t want to leave a bad impression on them.

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