Malaysian actress Mira Filzah is currently known among local fans as Putri in the TV series “Sweet Dreams”.

In the drama, she played a disabled character who is unable to speak. In other word, mute. Therefore, most of her method of communication are by using sign language. Her performance in the series received widespread attention among local media and also netizens.

Source: TV3, Gempak

While some praised her acting and also her chemistry with co-star Ben Amir, some bashed her for not portraying a mute person well enough, and even compared her with Sheila Rusly. For those who are curious, Sheila Rusly has showcased a brilliant performance before as a mute person in the TV3 series “Pia”.


When asked about the comparison during the premier night of her latest movie “Sangkar”, Mira shared her own opinion regarding the case:

I believe people would tend to differentiate on who is better and who is not. But for me the actress (Sheila Rusly) is really great, I won’t deny her talent in acting. Our experience in this field are far more different and I’m still in the process of learning, growing and improving my skills in acting. For a more positive view, more people are alert and started to follow and learn sign languages as well. Prior to this, I didn’t know about their world before, but after guide from my sign language teacher, Cikgu Sarah, I started to learn something new.”

You can watch the full video of her interview below, where she spilled on her chemistry with Ben Amir and more:

What do you think of the issue? Who do you think delivered better performance? Share with us your thoughts.

Sources: Media Hiburan, mStar.

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