Malaysian actress Ruhainies expressed her disappointment towards the person who was responsible for spreading the alleged photos of her boyfriend, Elf Johan.

According to the 27-year-old, “I don’t understand why some people just cannot respect other people’s privacy, all I know is I never posted a picture of him on social media,” she wrote in her Instagram post. She asked local netizens to have some respect, or at least ask for her permission first before posting them online.

Source: Instagram

On Wednesday (21st August), a local entertainment portal allegedly posted an article that features her and her businessman boyfriend at an event. The photo was reportedly taken without the “Menantu Ting Tong” actress’s knowledge. If you are curious, check out the write-up here.


In the meantime. Ruhainies (real name Nur Ruhainies Farehah Zainul Ilyas) also praised a few fans and reporters who respected her request to not reveal the identity of her Elf, also known among followers as Mr. E. In fact, some of her fans even edited and cropped the photo of him prior to uploading them on their personal account.

“My fans showed their respect while seeing me in public. Whenever we want to take pictures, they will always crop him out. Plus, media friends who have seen him a few times before never even posted a single picture of him,” Ruhainies explained as reported by mStar.

Source: Instagram Story

Additionally, Ruhainies revealed that she’s not ready to share the identity of her current lover at the moment, as she is concerned that life as a public figure would make him feel uncomfortable.

The lovebirds been going out since last year.

Source: mStar.

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